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Alternative Energy And Global Energy Security In Aftermath Of Rio+20

“Life always gets harder toward the summit–the cold increases, the responsibility increases.” These words by Friedrich Nietzsche aptly characterize the atmosphere among global leaders at June’s international summits.


We are all Europeans now

The broadening cracks in the European economic framework now appear to be undermining the whole European structure, as if a ‘contagion’ is spreading from the Southern European economies outwards.


How the Alternative Energy Megatrend will impact global geopolitical relations

The Greening of Geopolitics.
The advent of renewable energies is generally regarded from a fairly narrow perspective: whether – and to what extent – they are able to replace fossil fuels and what this would mean for the energy system and the economy. Such a perspective profoundly underestimates the potential consequences of what is in fact a revolutionary global development: a socio-political and techno-economic megatrend that has the ability to become a global societal game-changer, writes Alexander Mirtchev, Vice-President of the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies (RUSI). According to Mirtchev, the ‘Alternative Energy Megatrend’ will have far-reaching effects on global geopolitical relations and security concerns – effects that have yet to be fully grasped by most observers. This article is adapted from his upcoming book: “The Alternative Energy Megatrend: A Global Security Discourse in the Universally-Securitized World”.


Will Financial Regulation Trash Global Economic Security?

Under the auspices of the Financial Stability Board, more than 30 recommendations have been set out as part of a massive and far-reaching G-20 financial regulatory reform package to ostensibly minimize risk in the financial system and maximize consumer protection.


The new EU External Energy Policy: an important move - if it is not too late

With the adoption of its new External Energy Policy, the EU has finally made a first step towards its integration as a single negotiating bloc in the world energy market. As such the External Energy Policy could become an important factor in the global energy security picture and a possible geopolitical game-changer. However, it remains to be seen whether the big EU member states will be willing to subordinate their interests to the wider EU interest. The External Energy Policy has probably come five years too late, argues Alexander Mirtchev, President of Krull Corp. and Vice-President of the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies.


Gold Prices Struggle to Stay Near $1, 700

Gold prices fell Wednesday on negative economic news from China and Europe plus concerns that the world's No. 1 economy is barely advancing.


Samruk-Kazyna plans to acquire up to 25% in Alliance Bank, BTA Bank, Narodny Bank and Kazkommertsbank, advisor to Kazakhstan prime minister says

Samruk-Kazyna, a Kazakhstan state-owned fund, is planning to acquire up to 25% of the ordinary voting shares in the four largest banks in Kazakhstan, said Alexander Mirtchev, one of the directors of Kazyna Fund and advisor to the prime minister of Kazakhstan.


Dr. Alexander Mirtchev Discusses the U.S. Government's Measures to Deal With the Global Economic Crisis and Stresses the Imperative for Viable Exit Strategy on the Riz Khan Show

Dr. Alexander Mirtchev, founder and president of Krull Corporation, discussed the U.S. government's actions in response to the crisis in the economy on Al-Jazeera's Riz Khan Show. The complexities created by the precarious economic and financial situation are exacerbated by what is perceived as a "failure of the reigning 'social contract'" between Main Street, Wall Street and the U.S. government. "To put it simply, Main Street was relying on Wall Street to go about its business, with the government perceived as the arbiter and even guarantor of sure returns. Presently, the collapse of this 'contract' is giving rise to calls from different quarters for overhauling the whole system," according to Dr. Mirtchev.


What's happening with us

US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner will use the G-20 summit, beginning Thursday in London, to forward his plan to unblock the current economic impasse of developed economies by aggressively stimulating growth in emerging markets, Treasury and other sources said.


Emerging Market Leader Reacts to Massive Bailout Plan Announced by U.S. Government

WASHINGTON – September 20, 2008 -- Today's market increases and the announcement by the U.S. government to undertake a major bailout plan to restore confidence in the world financial system, prompted a rare comment from Alexander Mirtchev.

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