Alexander Mirtchev

Alexander Mirtchev

Alexander Mirtchev

Alexander Mirtchev is an economist, academic, macroeconomic advisor and author.He is currently a Senior Scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars,Executive Chairman of Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies (RUSI) International and president and founder of Krull Corp. USA.

US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner will use the G-20 summit, beginning Thursday in London, to forward his plan to unblock the current economic impasse of developed economies by aggressively stimulating growth in emerging markets, Treasury and other sources said.

Inflation is a significant factor of global economic security and has the innate capacity to upend carefully laid plans

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA - Former Greek finance minister Dr. Yannis Papantoniou, the author of the Greek strategy of joining the Euro, and Dr. Alexander Mirtchev, president of Krull Corp., discussed the EU intervention in the spiraling debt crisis in Greece and the global economic recovery. In the wake of the growing concern over the threat of a Southern European sovereign debt crisis, the EU announced an unprecedented guarantee package of 750 billion euro ($1 trillion), which has generated strong market reaction.

With the adoption of its new External Energy Policy, the EU has finally made a first step towards its integration as a single negotiating bloc in the world energy market. As such the External Energy Policy could become an important factor in the global energy security picture and a possible geopolitical game-changer.

Natsuko Waki of Reuters has a great article out this morning on SWFs working in concert, which is a recurring theme on this site.* Indeed, Waki has picked up on the fact that SWFs are increasingly making joint strategic investments in order to better manage investment risks and maximize returns: “State-owned funds from China, Singapore, Malaysia , Korea, Abu Dhabi and Kuwait are among those which have recently signed agreements to form investment partnerships with each other.”

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- (Marketwire) -- 05/11/10 -- Dr. Yannis Papantoniou, former Finance Minister of Greece and Dr. Alexander Mirtchev, president of Krull Corp., analyzed the impact of the unfolding European guarantee plan to address Greece's debt problems on the future of the single European currency. The main question underlying the discussion was the impact of the guarantee fund, worth over 750 billion Euro (about $1 trillion) that the European Union member countries and IMF agreed upon in the wake of the Greek debt crisis.

“Life always gets harder toward the summit–the cold increases, the responsibility increases.” These words by Friedrich Nietzsche aptly characterize the atmosphere among global leaders at June’s international summits.

The Greening of Geopolitics.
The advent of renewable energies is generally regarded from a fairly narrow perspective: whether – and to what extent – they are able to replace fossil fuels and what this would mean for the energy system and the economy. Such a perspective profoundly underestimates the potential consequences of what is in fact a revolutionary global development: a socio-political and techno-economic megatrend that has the ability to become a global societal game-changer, writes Alexander Mirtchev, Vice-President of the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies (RUSI). According to Mirtchev, the ‘Alternative Energy Megatrend’ will have far-reaching effects on global geopolitical relations and security concerns – effects that have yet to be fully grasped by most observers. This article is adapted from his upcoming book: “The Alternative Energy Megatrend: A Global Security Discourse in the Universally-Securitized World”.

LONDON, May 27 (Reuters) - Sovereign wealth funds -- national vehicles created to grow state wealth for the future -- have long experience investing in exotic and lesser-known lands. To these funds, many of which originate in what the West calls the "frontier" region, it's a local market.